About SparkiCreative

SparkiCreative was founded in 2002. Over the course of the next 10 years, SparkiCreative has grown steadily into a diverse and multifaceted organization under the hands-on leadership of its founder.

SparkiCreative is women owned and partnered with Parallel 6, Inc., an innovative technology company. We leverage cutting edge mobile technologies to activate consumers through mobile, social and digital. With a combination of Competitive, Social, Geographic, and Market Basket insights, the Parallel 6 solution enables businesses to influence their consumers in the palm of their hand. Specifically, our clients can influence and optimize their mobile experience to increase revenues, optimize profit and lift volume with measurable results. The powerful insights that our solution collects can be used to produce a more competitive position for the brand, benefit geographic expansion, learn social trend and behaviors and increase revenue from their consumer classes.

SparkiCreative corporate company originating in distribution, MADANA companies have ranged in scope from import/export, distribution, manufacturing, renewable energy and agricultural entities a multitude of real estate development assets including industrial space, commercial ventures and residential properties.

Today, SparkiCreative's corporate company is a diverse management company headquartered in Fresno, CA operating across a broad spectrum of industries and investments. Of the companies in MADANA’s portfolio, many originated as MADANA owned and operated. Others were acquired and placed under the management of MADANA personnel. MADANA expanded into ownership partnerships retaining strong interests in business functions as a financial partner without responsibility for day-to-day operations. Rounding out MADANA’s blend of enterprises is an array of holdings in commercial, industrial and residential property.

The SparkiCreative management team is a forward-thinking group that is excited about the future and resolute in the belief that the core companies comprising MADANA are well positioned to produce the necessary resources, commodities, products and services to ensure a bright future.

SparkiCreative Culture

SparkiCreative strives to be both an economic and a social asset to each community in which we do business. Through dedication to our corporate values we have built a foundation of trust with customers, employees and communities alike.

A tradition of exceptional customer service toward both individuals and the community at large is rooted in the company’s defining principle of integrity. SparkiCreative seeks to understand consumers' needs, explore possible solutions, and then turn those possibilities into realities. We persistently strive to improve and, as such, we hold our products, services, processes and approaches to the highest standards.

We take pride in our use of innovative thinking and continuous quality improvement to create valuable and trusted products and services that improve the way our customers live and work.