Social Media Marketing changes almost daily with new tactics, new technologies and new players. Things change so fast we’ve trained ourselves not to blink. Parallel 6 offers comprehensive social media consulting services to educate and align companies looking to build communities of interest around their business. We’re determined to give lift to your mix of marketing efforts and to ensure a positive return on any social media investment.

A Social Media Expedition
Parallel 6 will depart on a Social Media journey with your company’s key stakeholders to quickly update and educate your team on the Social Media jungle. We will show you how companies are leveraging Social Media to drive business results. From the familiar to the exotic. Key agenda items include:
  • Social media as a marketing channel
  • How companies are utilizing the social media channel to gain lift
  • Online brand and reputation management
  • Overview of social media assets, tools and technologies
  • The process for developing an effective social media strategy
  • Developing and measuring results on social media efforts
  • Implementing your Social Media plan including monthly, weekly and daily tactics

Talk it up in Social Media
You are all set up in Social Media, now what? Promote an event. Extend an offer. Celebrate an individual or a community. Sell T-Shirts or turn up the heat. Social Media contests and user-generated content can turbocharge your advertising efforts and amplify your business results.

We can run parallel to your marketing calendar and extend the focus of your business into a medium that is hungry for rich content, exciting events and community connection. We can also run independent campaigns that support your business as well as generate reporting on what resonates with your target audience. Either way we’ll make your business more social. More fun. More engaging.

Bad Rep or Stellar Profile
Like scouring all the bathroom walls of the social media rest stop, we track what is being said about your company. We listen for both positive and negative comments across the web. In the event of a positive posting, event or message, Parallel 6 engages the individual in dialogue on your behalf, in your brand tone and voice. In the event of a negative posting, event or message, Parallel 6 will take the appropriate escalation procedures as agreed between your company and Parallel 6.

All the Fixin’s

We will storyboard the specific tactics that will help accomplish your goals. We’ll deliver a creative strategy, content strategy, promotions strategy and the nitty gritty daily and weekly tactics and assets that will be executed on your behalf. We’ll also give you detailed reporting on how we did and how we can improve.

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