Leverage mobile and social to optimize your market basket

Mobile and social when combined provide data that is not available anywhere else. The social channel is largely accessed through mobile devices and the mobile device is taken everywhere. Just think about all the places your mobile phone goes? Imagine being able to gather mobile insights about your most loyal consumers, cherry pickers and the market at large. These kinds of insights provide brands with a 6th sense into the lives and behaviors of their consumers.

Gain sixth sense insights for all consumer types:

Loyal consumers:
  • Learn when your mobile consumers are on or near site
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Gain valuable geographic and competitive behavior insights
  • Deliver targeted & contextual offers to increase market basket
  • Use mobile & social insights to increase value of offline offers
Cherry Pickers:
  • Convert Cherry Pickers into loyal consumers
  • Drive sales through geo targeted promotions
  • Gain market baskets insights that drive sales
  • Allow cherry pickers to share offers with friends
The Market at Large:
  • Gain new consumers through social sharing
  • Learn insights to produce new offers
  • Reach new markets
  • Know when & where to focus marketing efforts
These insights are all available through Captive Reach our Enterprise Mobile Application platform. The Captive Reach platform captures insights in the following areas:
Consumer Insights: Know when your consumers are on or near site. Set & send contextual and geo-fenced offers that ultimately increase the market basket. Competitive Insights: Know when and where your consumers spend time when they are not with you. Learn how your competition is affecting your business
Social Insights: Tap into your consumers' social graph and allow them to share with friends. Learn valuable contextual data that helps you to refine your offer. Geographic Insights: Go where your consumers go. Use geo fencing to trigger contextual offers to your loyal consumers and cherry pickers.

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