Go where your customers go

It is easy to figure what your consumers are doing while they are on location or shopping through your website, but what about when they are pumping gas, having a coffee, or waiting for the subway and shopping with your brand? Captive Reach is a Mobile Enterprise Platform that allows you to capture and quickly analyze in near real time competitive, consumer, social and geographic insights that help you optimize and increase your market basket. This data gives you a sixth sense by being able to peer into the behavior of your loyal consumers, price sensitive consumers (cherry pickers) and the general market.

Develop deeper relationships

Captive Reach allows you know where your consumers are spending their time when they are not with you, learn when they are on site or with a competitor, share your brand through social channels, influence consumer behavior through active push notifications, and allows the consumer to purchase in the palm of their hand. Captive reach goes where your consumers go.  

Sixth Sense insights:

Consumer Insights: Know when your consumers are on or near site. Set & send contextual and geo-fenced offers that ultimately increase the market basket. Competitive Insights: Know when and where your consumers spend time when they are not with you. Learn how your competition is affecting your business
Social Insights: Tap into your consumers' social graph and allow them to share with friends. Learn valuable contextual data that helps you to refine your offer. Geographic Insights: Go where your consumers go. Use geo fencing to trigger contextual offers to your loyal consumers and cherry pickers.

Built & Tested Feature Set

Be fully branded, customized and in the iTunes and the Android market in 30-60 days with Captive Reach. Captive Reach comes standard with tools like Content Management, Ecommerce, Push Notifications, Open API and Geo Fencing. See the complete list of features below.
  • Access to Content-Management Web Portal
  • Integration with Back-End systems via API calls
  • Custom Mapping Functionality
  • 24 Hour Support
  • One-Click Purchasing
  • Click-to-Call Feature
  • Sign-in with Social Media. Integration with Facebook & Twitter*
  • Loyalty & Rewards system integration
  • Geo-Fencing & Segmented Audience Targeting
  • Reward users for sharing content through Social Media
    • View Daily Deals
    • In-App QR & bar-code Reader
    • Live real time updates
    • Flash push notifications, no SMS service charges
    • In App Content Search**
    • Engaging customized multimedia elements
    • Ability to track users current location & activity within app
    • In-App Notification system
    • Real time analytic information capturing and reporting
    • Quickly add new content in real time without resubmission to iTunes or Android market places.

    Managed Services

    Need more downloads? Leverage a fully integrated solution. It's not enough to just have an app, you need it in the hands of your consumers. SparkiCreative provides in house managed marketing services that help increase adoption, loyalty and revenues. Each our client’s situation is unique and requires different levels of support. We can create strategy based on your business needs and available resources.
    • Analytics & Insights
    • Mobile Strategy
    • Market Analysis
    • Strategic Planning
    • Online Marketing
    • Information Architecture
    • User Interface Design
    • Content Creation
    • Copy Writing
    • Technology Consulting
    • Application Development
    • Augmented Reality (AR)

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