Tech Exec

Engage with your customers more often and more effectively with a smart phone app.
A mobile app keeps you in front of your customers even when they are on the go. Extend your reach. Influence customer
behavior. Increase customer interaction. Walk all over your competition with a mobile app from Parallel 6.
Advantages of having a custom smart phone app
  • Increase engagement, revenue and service
  • Conduct business on the go
  • Gain more visibility with less competition
  • Participate in the fastest growing marketplace
  • Give additional lift to all your marketing efforts
  • See and message users visiting your locations
  • Send individualized information and offers

Advantages of Parallel 6 Captive Reach Mobile Technology
  • Personal approach that focuses on aligning your goals and accomplishing key success metrics
  • Custom designed mobile development made quickly on a proven framework
  • San Diego-based local company
  • Focused on, and experienced in mobile and social strategy, technology and deliverables
  • MEasure your mobile user interaction with Captive Insights mobile user analytics and insights.
  • Present Content to your users based on who they are and where they are
  • Proactively influence consumer behavior through in APP Push Alerts when they are on or near location
  • Geo-locate users worldwide and identify where they transact with your business vs. your competitors
  • Drive users back to your locations and recapture incremental lost revenue from your competition.