Adam Blejski

Adam Blejski
VP Of Client Services

6 Questions

What’s the last thing you completed?
Officially – Reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King, Unofficially – Individually ironing the pleats on my pants for a company photo shoot.

If Social Media was a person, what would you say to her/him?
Can you turn your music (posts) down a bit? I love Elvis, but not at such a volume (ie. I don’t need to know every time you drive 5 blocks, have a coffee or a thought of some kind).

What is your best invention that never got made?
The office goat. It’s an actual goat on a leash that sits at your desk and eats what you don’t want. Pros – No trash, no bugs. Cons – Bleating during conference calls, goat gets a raise before you or you end up starving because the goat is so cute, you feed it the majority of your lunch as it grins happily.

Tell us about your favorite outfit?
Zubaz pants (Chicago Bears logo). Reebok pumps. Copper breast plate (like in Gladiator). Alien mask (genuine Zeta Reticuli preferred, but ET will do). Elmer Fudd hat (flaps down). Outfit topped off with a floor length fur coat (fake fur, racoon) tied at the waste by a gun belt full of bullet casings filled with Nerds, Pixie Stix powder and Pop Rocks.

Who do you listen to on Spotify?
Anything from the 80’s. Also, anything from the 60’s, 70’s, 90’s or the last 11 years. Hopefully Elvis, the Beatles or Red Hot Chili Peppers made music that falls in that timeframe.

Like, Follow, Unfriend?
Of the following – Pick one person you’d like on FB, 1 person you’d Follow on twitter & one person you’d unfriend.
Mike Ditka, Jim Morrison, Dave Matthews.

“Like” Mike Ditka because, well, what’s not to like. He’s got it all, slicked back hair, barely controlled rage, restaurants, sausage and a cool name (plus he’s always on TV, so he has that whole name you know, name you trust thing going). “Follow” Jim Morrison because if his tweets are anything like his lyrics they would be the best tweets (next to Things My Dad Says). Unfriend Dave Matthews because if his tweets are anything like his lyrics……