Adam Halbridge

Adam Halbridge

6 Questions

What one super power would you want to possess? Why?

Aquaman – powers to dive and breathe water

What do you think about on your daily morning commute?

When I will hear “Josie’s on Vacation” on the radio next so I can get pumped up for the morning

If Social Media was a person, what would you say to her/him?

Patience grasshopper

What athlete would you follow on Twitter?

Tim Tebow

What’s the next great Social Media Company name?

Virgin Social

Like, Follow, Unfriend?
Of the following – Pick one person you’d like on FB, 1 person you’d Follow on twitter & one person you’d unfriend.
John Lennon, John Candy, John Kennedy

John Candy – Friend FB
John Lennon – Follow TW
JFK – unfriend because historically it is bad luck associating myself with that family