Alan Cruz

Alan Cruz
Social Media Specialist

6 Questions

What URL is first in your browser bookmarks?
Facebook…surprised? It’s only for a while…my number 2 tab is gmail…(boring)

What do you think about on your daily morning commute?
It’s always an interesting experience… I don’t rely on a car to get around… bike and public transportation keep it interesting and real.

If you divided your IQ by your LinkedIn contacts what number would you get? Explain…
1.73….you do the math and reverse engineer my answer…fun times!

Tell us about a time when your WiFi went down?
I had to rely on my iPhone…total learning experience…felt like the world had stopped completely…I felt alone and terrified.

What’s the next great Social Media Company name?

Like, Follow, Unfriend?
Of the following – Pick one person you’d like on FB, 1 person you’d Follow on twitter & one person you’d unfriend.
Laird Hamilton, Mark Cutback Davis, Kelly Slater.

Like – Laird Hamilton
Follow – Mark Cutback Davis
UnFriend – Kelly Slater – Makes everyone look bad on a surfboard!