Job Posting – Hiring Marketing Intern for Captive Reach

We’ve been staying busy at Parallel 6. So busy, that we need more help. Our Captive Reach technology has allowed Parallel 6 to expand rapidly, so we’re looking to hire a new intern. The internship will require strong writing skills, knowledge about emerging technologies and experience in strategic planning. If you have the necessary skills, drive, creativity and desire to grow with our company, we encourage you to apply.

Job Responsibilities Include:
-Writing proposals for potential clients
-Educating oneself on Parallel 6’s Captive Reach platform
-Proofreading and editing copy

-Using strategic marketing tactics to create “Calls to Action” and engaging content

Requirements to Apply Include:
-Seniors or recent graduates with a BA in Journalism/Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising/Business or related field
-Related experience and/or background in writing about technology, social media, digital trends and mobile applications
-Exceptional oral and written communication skills
-Experience writing strategic proposals for clients
-Interested in marketing, business, technology and producing content that relates to these rapidly changing industries
-Strong analytical skills and detail oriented
-Experience using Microsoft Office programs

This is an hourly, paid internship that will require a commitment of three days of work in the office per week. Depending on the performance of the intern, this internship has a high potential to turn into a full-time position in a very short amount of time. The ideal candidate would be a college senior or recent graduate looking for valuable experience at a tech start-up that would like to grow with the company.

Please send a resume, cover letter and one exemplary writing sample to In the subject of the email, please write “Applying for Marketing Internship.” We look forward to hearing from you!

Parallel 6 Team Helps Barona Casino Win “Best Use of Pinterest” Award

Wondering if Pinterest has a place in business marketing strategy and specifically the gaming industry?  Well, Parallel 6 recently helped their partner, Barona Casino win “Best Use of Pinterest” in the 2012 Casino Buzz Sherpie Awards!

“With over 100 followers and almost 400 pins, Barona has shown that Pinterest is another way to target their older, primarily female demographic,” said Casino Buzz.

Barona is one of many to integrate Pinterest into their 2012 social media strategy and this award proves that the fastest growing social network is an efficient and effective method for targeting consumers. Barona Casino’s “Pin Boards” feature beautiful resort grounds, detectible cuisine, San Diego locale, special events and even casino-themed party ideas.

If you want to learn more about how Parallel 6 helped Barona Casino win “Best Use of Pinterest” award for 2012, read the full press release HERE.

Why Your App Needs IP/Geo Fencing and Push Notifications

Written by Miranda May

With a multitude of mobile app features available today, many businesses are asking, “What features are a must?” or “What will separate my app from other competitors?” A mobile strategy, as well as any other product/service, can only be as successful as the research conducted on your consumers (“How are they behaving?” “What’s influencing this behavior?”). With today’s advancement in mobile technology, we are able to track, in real time, what users are doing and where they are going. Tracking your users’ unique IP address, in real time, gives you the ability to track their behavior (what stores are they shopping at, what areas of your event they keep returning to, what interests them, etc.); thus, giving you a competitive advantage. Through the use of IP Fencing, in conjunction with push notification technology, you can give your consumers what they want and need in real time.

What is IP/Geo fencing?

IP fencing, also known as geo fencing, is a feature that enables you to set up geographical boarders around specific locations. When your users enter these boarders, a timely and relevant message can be delivered to them to drive sales. Let’s say, for example, that you own a large hotel in Las Vegas. You notice that a majority of your app users are at your sold out Cirque Du Soleil show. After the show, you track your consumers, and notice a majority of them head over to ABC bar in the hotel; however, sales are very low at the XYZ bar. Through the use of IP fencing and push notifications, you can send a tailored message to users within the geo fence of bar XYZ that says, “XYZ Bar Special: All drinks 50% off until 8pm.” Your previously empty bar is now packed.

Another advantage presented with geo fencing is advertising opportunities. A publisher can sell advertisement space within the app, to companies that are looking to target people in specific areas with specific interests. Del Mar Racetrack, for example, used our geo-fencing feature on their app to determine the frequency of attendance at surrounding bars and restaurants. With the data gathered, Del Mar has the opportunity to present this data to those restaurants and encourage them to purchase advertisement space within their app and specific geo fence. This allows the publishers to deliver more relevant ads according to the current location of their users, as well as yield higher conversions and better ROI for their advertisers.

For more information on Parallel 6 and our mobile technology, please visit here.

Parallel 6 Inc. Co-Sponsors the 2012 Top Tech Exec Awards

SAN DIEGO, (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Parallel 6 Inc. Announced Its Co-Sponsorship of the 2012 Top Tech Exec Awards, Presented by Cox Business and San Diego Magazine

Parallel 6 Inc., a leading social media and mobile technology firm, announced today its co-sponsorship of the 2012 Top Tech Exec Awards on May 17 in San Diego. The event, presented by Cox Business and San Diego Magazine, is recognized as San Diego’s prestigious technology leader awards ceremony and will be held at The Paddock at the Del Mar Fairgrounds from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“We are pleased to be a co-sponsor of this marquee event,” said David Turner, CEO of Parallel 6. “Working alongside such great companies who support a significant event such as this is an honor for us. It is events like this that provide a conduit to powerful conversations and business growth in the Mobile Technology industry and beyond.”

With over 850 attendees, the 2012 Top Tech Exec Awards is the largest annual event for information technology executives and organizations in San Diego and surrounding areas. The award ceremony will recognize outstanding IT executives, nominated by their peers and clients, who meet the criteria decided by an independent panel of judges. The event will provide an exciting evening of food, libations and entertainment.

Listed as one of “America’s Techiest Cities” by Travel and Leisure Magazine, San Diego thrives on both the biotech and telecom industries, bestowing more IT executives than any other city in Southern California.

Parallel 6 will be co-sponsoring the event alongside Audi, Kaiser Permanente, TEDx America’s Finest City, Cablemas Empresas, ESET Internet Security, Microsoft Store, Alcatel-Lucent and more.

For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, please visit

About Parallel 6:
Parallel 6 Inc. is a leading social-mobile technology company with a focus on influencing consumer behavior through social-mobile and other emerging technologies. Parallel 6 enables brands to influence their consumers purchasing behavior, ultimately increasing revenue, through its social, mobile and enterprise technology solutions. By leveraging social-mobile and geo-targeted technology, Parallel 6 allows brands to engage and activate their best consumers through multiple digital channels across the Web and around the world. Parallel 6 serves a wide array of both B2B and B2C companies including retailers, daily deal companies, hotels, e-commerce, publishers and professional services firms around the globe.

Are Mobile Apps the Future of Daily Deals?

By Kris Ashton, Daily Deal Media

This past March Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason stood outside his Chicago headquarters to introduce the company’s new app for smartphones called Groupon Now. The service is amazingly simplistic, consisting of just two buttons, “I’m Hungry” and “I’m Bored.” Groupon Now takes advantage of human nature on so many levels. Find someone that’s hungry or bored (or both) Put something to do or eat in front of them and at a discount price to boot and you have a money maker that’s pretty much fail proof.

While Groupon Now isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last mobile app for the daily deals and group buying industry it may represent a moment in time when reality showed us just how much we rely on mobile devices for the basics in everyday life.

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