Web Sites, Web Applications, and Mobile Applications 

      SparkiCreative will support your organization in identifying the right tools for your business objectives.

      • Computer traffic vs mobile devices traffic
      • Security
      • Management
      • Design
      • TCO  

Publicity, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Campaigns 

      SparkiCreative will go into your target community and deliver the growth you seek.

      • Publicist services
      • Press releases, media opportunities
      • Marketing campaigns
      • Contests / game mechanics 
      • Trench campaigns
      • Attention 

Social Media 

        SparkiCreative will get past the noise online and have your audience be able to hear your call to action with designs which are clear and easy to act upon for your targets. Key agenda items include:

        • Social media as a marketing channel
        • How companies are utilizing the social media channel to gain lift
        • Online brand and reputation management
        • Overview of social media assets, tools and technologies
        • The process for developing an effective social media strategy
        • Developing and measuring results on social media efforts
        • Implementing your Social Media plan including monthly, weekly and daily tactics 

Bad Rep or Stellar Profile

We will track what is being said about your company. We can perform a one-time assessment or provide ongoing reputation management services.

Tailored Approach

We’ll storyboard and deliver a strategy, tactics, and guidance on how to be effective between resources, time, and attention in accomplishing your goals.

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