Dan Bucko

Dan Bucko
Creative Director

6 Questions

What do you think about on your daily morning commute?
Is there going to be parking when I get to the office?

What’s your favorite beverage?
Anything in a cup on my desk. I’ve joined Diet Coke Anonymous.

If Social Media was a person, what would you say to her/him?
Quit fighting with your brothers & sisters or I’m stopping the car & coming back there!

What is your best invention that never got made?
The 5 minute mustache.

What’s the next great Social Media Company name?
Glitter – A real online social community for anyone who likes to “Gleet” about bling and check-in at the mall.

Like, Follow, Unfriend?
Of the following – Pick one person you’d like on FB, 1 person you’d Follow on twitter & one person you’d unfriend.
Ringling Brothers. Stater Brothers. The Jonas Brothers.

Like – Jonas Brothers
Follow – Stater Bothers
Unfriend – Ringling Brothers – aren’t they cruel to monkeys?