John Monteith

John Monteith

6 Questions

If Social Media was a person, what would you say to her/him?

Do you really keep ALL of my information? Can I get a mulligan on those college days?

Who do you listen to on Spotify?

Spotify?? Oh you mean Pandora…I fluctuate between Josh Turner when I want Country, 70’s Rock and John Mayer

What’s your favorite beverage?

100% Kona Coffee from Extraordinary Desserts…keeps my days going strong

Tell us about a time when your WiFi went down?

3G Data networks…enough said

If you owned a pet rodent, what would you name it?

Probably something traditional like Otis.

Like, Follow, Unfriend?
Like…Following is information overload and Unfriending can be a little cruel
Of the following – Pick one you’d like on FB, 1 you’d Follow on twitter & one you’d unfriend.
Oreos, Fig Newtons, Mrs Fields

I would Like Oreos because…well, I like Oreos, I would Follow Mrs. Fields because she likely has some interesting adventures in Cookie Making, and I would unfriend Fig Newtons because nobody really enjoys Fig Newtons