Enhancing Loyalty & Rewards Programs:

How many of those plastic or cardboard Loyalty/Rewards cards do you carry in your wallet?

Not many… right?

Like a lot of people, you think, “I’ll just have them look up my account when I get to the counter”. But then you get to the counter and they can’t find you. Or, the computer system that they’re using in Hong Kong doesn’t talk to their main system in the US. Frustrating!

But, what if your account information was stored in a Rewards App on your mobile phone?

And, what if you could also see your current point totals in that App?

And, what if that App also streamed company promotions, offers and incentives to you?

When was the last time you shared one of those company promotions or incentives with your friends and family? Maybe you received an email for a great offer a few months ago and forwarded that on, but if you’re like me, you probably don’t take the time to do that very often. Other than being the super nice person that you are, there’s no other incentive to do so.

But…what if you could earn additional rewards points for simply sharing that offer with your friends and family?

What if sharing was as simple as clicking a button on that Rewards App on your mobile phone?

And, what if instead of sharing that information through an email, you could post it to Facebook, or Tweet it, or share it in Linkedin, all with that same one click of a button on your Mobile phone?

Enter Captive Reach Rewards Technology from Parallel 6.

Now, doesn’t that sound better than a plain old plastic or cardboard Rewards Card?