Increasing Demands for Mobile Technology has Parallel 6 Preparing for Expansion in 2013


Adam Halbridge

V.P. Business Development


Increasing Demands for Mobile Technology has Parallel 6 Preparing for Expansion in 2013

San Diego mobile technology company, Parallel 6, is expanding into major metro areas across the United States

SAN DIEGO (Jan. 15, 2013) — Parallel 6 Inc., a leading enterprise mobile technology company is preparing for expansion in 2013 to meet the increasing demands for mobile technology development. To date, Parallel 6 has hired 21 sales executives in major metro areas such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Hiring seven software developers, Parallel 6 has also expanded its development teams in California and Ukraine. The company will continue to grow its team through Q2 of 2013.

The rapid expansion is a response to the demand for Captive Reach, Parallel 6’s mobile technology. The technology delivers contextually relevant communication to customers, allowing businesses to gain insights and influence consumer behavior. Captive Reach uses geo location, analytics, loyalty rewards and notification delivery to generate high sales and conversion rates.

“The mobile web is expanding at a rate of eight times faster than the adoption of the Internet in the 1990s and early 2000s,” said Landis White, EVP of Mobile Products for Parallel 6. “We understand that adapting this new model can be a challenge for many businesses. That’s why our team has developed a strong technology and mobile strategy to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.”

As part of its progression, Parallel 6 has implemented a 24-hour development cycle to bring apps to market at a quicker rate and reduce the costs associated with managing mobile strategies.

“Our Captive Reach technology paves the way for organizations to make mobile a profitable channel. As we look into the future, we know that complex mobile strategies will require the right talent. We are invested in our team and confident that they can support our customers,” said Parallel 6 CEO David Turner.

To learn more about Captive Reach technology and Parallel 6’s mobile strategy or to request a demo, visit http://localhost:8888/wp12p6.


About Parallel 6

Parallel 6 Inc., located in San Diego, is the creator of Captive Reach, a leading enterprise mobile application platform. Captive Reach influences consumer behavior, enhancing brand recognition and building strong client-customer relationships. With a combination of competitive, social, geographic, and market basket insights, Parallel 6’s Captive Reach allows brands to engage and activate their best consumers through the palm of their hand. Parallel 6 serves a wide array of B2B and B2C companies including retailers, daily deal companies, hotels, e-commerce, publishers and professional service firms.

Parallel 6 Team Helps Barona Casino Win “Best Use of Pinterest” Award

Wondering if Pinterest has a place in business marketing strategy and specifically the gaming industry?  Well, Parallel 6 recently helped their partner, Barona Casino win “Best Use of Pinterest” in the 2012 Casino Buzz Sherpie Awards!

“With over 100 followers and almost 400 pins, Barona has shown that Pinterest is another way to target their older, primarily female demographic,” said Casino Buzz.

Barona is one of many to integrate Pinterest into their 2012 social media strategy and this award proves that the fastest growing social network is an efficient and effective method for targeting consumers. Barona Casino’s “Pin Boards” feature beautiful resort grounds, detectible cuisine, San Diego locale, special events and even casino-themed party ideas.

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